The Ultimate Dental
Sleep Wellness Event

The Gaylord Palms Resort Orlando, Florida

September 11th - 14th 2019

Come join us for the
2019 Breathing Wellness Conference

Why should you attend?

The Breathing Wellness Conference 2019 is an exciting continuing education packed with continuing education opportunities, incredible entertainment and an opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders from around the world.


This is the premier event for dentists to learn how to successfully grow your dental practice by integrating craniofacial sleep medicine.

  • Multiple PACE Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Courses in Multidisciplinary Practice Management
  • New Courses in Craniofacial Sleep Medicine
  • Exclusive Workshop by Former NBA Star Mark Eaton
  • Exclusive Workshop by Original Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington
  • Tickets To Friday Night Gala And Concert
  • Excellent Networking Opportunities
  • All Inclusive Event Including Luxurious  Accommodations & Meals

2019 Breathing Wellness Conference


The premiere Dentistry – Sleep Conference & Trade show in the World.

You will learn how to add a valuable revenue stream to your practice.

Team Training Events

Advanced Airway Medical Imaging

Advanced Diagnostics

Medical And Insurance Billing

Don't Miss Out!

Opportunity To Learn How Sleep Dentistry Can Increase Your Revenue, Grow Your Practice, And Provide Real Relief For Your Patients

  • Craniofacial Sleep Medicine represents a multi-million-dollar revenue opportunity for your dental practice
  • Discover the unmet need in your dental market, and learn the dental solution to a serious medical problem.
  • Nearly one in four adult patients has a sleep related breathing problem. You can help them!

Exclusive Marketing Workshop


World renowned sales and marketing expert reveals the secret to

growing your dental practice using multiple media outlets!

Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank


One of the Original Sharks on TV's Shark Tank reveals how he used

inexpensive TV marketing to create billions in revenue and some of the

most recognized brands in the world.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Kevin Harrington


During this exclusive workshop reserved for attendees at the 2019 Breathing Wellness Conference,

Kevin will unveil a powerful dental practice marketing system using his proven media strategies.

Only available at the 2019 Breathing Wellness Conference


This exclusive workshop is not offered anywhere else! Come learn from one of the world’s top

marketing professionals who has created iconic brands and generated billions in revenue!

  • Come hear why one of the original Sharks is making a significant investment in the Craniofacial Sleep Medicine movement!
  • Listen to insights into the future of healthcare
  • Find out why Kevin is joining the movement

PACE Subject Code: 550

2 PACE Continuing Education Credits


Educational Objective: Learn how to create an effective multimedia strategy and tactics to attract new patients.

Have you asked yourself...


You have likely heard the buzz...  You have likely seen the pitch...


What is holding you back? Attend this Fast Track Course and resolve all your outstanding questions!

Special Conference Exclusive!


Presented by:


The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine



Come see for yourself why thousands of dentists across the USA are fully integrating craniofacial sleep medicine into their dental practice using The Vivos® System

Special Fast-Track Course

Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Science & Practice



  • Earn 8 Hours of PACE CE Continuing Education Credit
  • Explore the Research & Therapeutic Protocols
  • Learn About Pneumopedics® and Airway Treatments Dentists
  • Learn The Fundamentals of Biomimetic Therapy
  • A comprehensive introduction to Craniofacial Sleep Medicine
  • Fast-Track Your Way to Craniofacial Sleep Medicine

Don't miss this exclusive CE opportunity!

What is the Special Fast Course?

The Fast Track course is designed for professional dentists

who have considered integrating craniofacial sleep medicine

into their dental practice. The decision to integrate craniofacial

sleep medicine may be the most important decision of your

professional life. It represents an opportunity to grow your

practice, increase revenue, attract new patients and build a

more valuable practice. It also represents an opportunity to help

your patients achieve optimal health and wellness and may even

save their life.


This Fast Track course is the best way for you to learn the

science and theory behind craniofacial sleep medicine and will

make it easy for you to see the value of The Vivos® Integrated

Practice Program.


As a fast track to integration, once you have completed this course

and have made the decision to integrate with The Vivos® System,

you will have the opportunity to complete your clinical training in an

exclusive three-day course!


Fast Track to Craniofacial Sleep Medicine for Adults & Pediatrics™ is a unique CE course being offered exclusively to attendees at the 2019 Breathing Wellness Conference

The Fast Track Course will provide 8 hours of PACE continuing education credit and will allow you to experience the power of training offered by the Institute for Craniofacial Sleep  Medicine

PACE Subject Codes: 370 Orthodontics & 180 Occlusion

8 PACE Continuing Education Credits


Educational Objective: The Science & Therapeutic Protocols of Dentistry & Orthodontics for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine


Special Speakers: Dr. Jon Caulfield, DDS & Dr. Ben Miraligia, DDS

The tools, practice management concepts and operational resources I gained at the first session are invaluable.
I would have paid the$50k for this course alone!


But don’t tell anybody!


Dr. Dean Raio, DDS

New York, NY

September 11th - 14th 2019   Orlando, Florida